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Find your passion.

With over 13,000 careers to choose from, finding your passion can be tough.

Our fun daily e-quiz will introduce you to many new higher ed programs and careers. The site will produce 10 questions for you each day, including weekends! It will take roughly 10 minutes to do a quiz.

Each quiz question will have a link to the exact college and career web page where the answer is found. This is the best place for you to explore and discover the many options that exist for you.

There are 3 units with 10 quizzes each before you unlock a recommendation report, personalized for you.

Finding your passion has never been so easy.

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Track your interests.

Our quiz is not only fun, it is ‘SMART’!

After each question you will rank your interest in that program or occupation. This will build an ‘interest’ profile for you.

After each unit (10 quizzes) we will provide a report on what you’ve discovered and give you a chance to reflect on your interests.

As you progress through the 3 units, we still want you to explore, but some questions will be more aligned to your interests.

You will unlock the personalized recommendation report after the 3rd Unit. Share this with your parents and teachers!

You can continue to quiz after this report is unlocked. You can modify your profile and re-run the report as you wish.

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Have fun. Help others!

Exploring the future should be exciting, right?

As you quiz you will earn points and level up in various categories. Bonus points start at level 5 and above in any category.

Use points to win draw prizes or donate them to a charity that builds classrooms around the world.

Still not exciting enough? Raise $$ for your school during competitions or championships that run periodically throughout the year. Or, simply dominate the world ranking leaderboard.

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