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  • The ChatterHigh competition became quite the buzz and we were thrilled to acknowledge the efforts of staff and students at our spirit assembly where the cheque was revealed.

    Anthony Ciolfitto, Principal Riverside Secondary School
  • The Chatter High website provides interactive learning opportunities to foster teamwork and critical thinking.

    George Abbott The Honourable Minister of Education (former), British Columbia
  • The students enjoyed entering prize draws, competing against other schools and actually learned a lot about future educational and career choices in the process. As I teach planning 10, this was an added and unexpected benefit of the web site as it fit directly into the messaging we were working on.

    Heidi Hackman, Planning Teacher Parkland Secondary
  • You did a spectacular job and you really gave a great presentation connecting to what we are learning in class and life! Can’t wait to have you back!

    Kevin Wazny, Planning 10 Teacher Pinetree Secondary
  • ChatterHigh is a valuable tool for students that are looking into post secondary studies. The user-friendly site allows users to explore what is available, interesting and required at the numerous colleges and universities in Western Canada.

    Brad Anderson, CALM Teacher Lindsay Thurber Comprehensive High School
  • Okanagan College was pleased to sponsor the ChatterHigh Provincial Competition. It is an excellent way for middle and secondary students to learn about post-secondary and career options in a fun way. They not only explore a wide variety of what BC institutions have to offer, they become informed about the 120 programs we offer at our Okanagan Valley campuses.

    Inga Wheeler, Associate Registrar, Recruitment and Admissions Okanagan College
  • Chatter High was fun and very informative! I highly recommend Planning 10 teachers use this website, especially for the career section. It brought our students together as we competed with other schools!

    Ms Karen Skye, Planning 10 Teacher Dr. Charles Best Secondary School
  • ChatterHigh is a great interactive tool that fits right in with the Planning 10 curriculum. Plus, the site is fun and motivating for our students.

    Ms. Cloé Rittinger, Planification 10 Dr. Charles Best Secondary School
  • As a rural school, our students do not get very much exposure to universities and various career opportunities. ChatterHigh provided them with the opportunity to explore university programs throughout BC and Alberta. The students liked earning points and entering draws for a chance to win a certain prize! The majority of the students chose to donate their points to "Free The Children", an organization dedicated to building classrooms in less fortunate countries. This became a competition of who could donate more to help the children! With the students actively engaged, ChatterHigh became a part of our daily routine. They are all looking forward to future competitions and contributing to a good cause!

    Mr Dustin Barry, Teacher Prespatou Elem-Secondary School
  • Your presentation was excellent and timely. It really helped to connect our learning activities and course outlines to "real life". I was excited to see students become engaged in their learning. There were some who had not previously demonstrated this level of engagement. We are looking forward to continuing on this learning journey with Chatter High! I have chatted with the other teachers and we will be making this our bell activity. We are also planning to incorporate the quizzes in our ongoing assignments.

    Mrs. Karen Milligan, Career Exploration Opportunities Westisle Composite High School, PEI
  • ChatterHigh provides my students with a highly informative, interactive and relevant resource for post-secondary information. Using the different media - web pages, pictures, videos and audio sound bites - the students are easily engaged in investigating different options for after high school. I have even found that students will log onto chatterhigh.com on their own time. In some ways being able to get a slice of a teenagers personal time is the ultimate compliment!

    Chad Jacques, Visual Arts Teacher Oak Bay Secondary
  • I used ChatterHigh throughout my last two years in high school. It initially was something I got started on because of the opportunity to win prizes for myself and money for my school, but I got a lot more out of it than that. In grade 12 I was very undecided about what I wanted to 'do with my life.' I was pretty sure I wanted to go right into school, in a business type program, but I wasn't sure what program or what school. I knew of names of the schools in town, but not much more. Through ChatterHigh quizzes I learned more and more about Camosun College's programs and became more convinced it was the best choice for my situation. I eventually met with an adviser and enrolled in the program. My time at Camosun led me to an internship at a Digital Marketing agency in town, and just 3 years after high school graduation I have had a chance to work in an agency and as a freelance consultant. I look back and give credit to a lot of things and people for the path that I have taken, and ChatterHigh is definitely one of those.

    Marcus Clayton Digital Marketing Consultant (& Spectrum Community Alumni)
  • Thank you for your leadership in the community!

    Judy Harrison, Principal (former) Spectrum Community School
  • En tant qu'enseignante de planification 10°, ChatterHigh permet à mes élèves d'explorer de façon amusante plusieurs avenues d'études et de choix de carrière. De plus, ChatterHigh leur permet d'être informé sur divers sujets comme la nutrition, les accidents de travail ou les visites éducatives potentielles dans un musée/parc comme Fort Rodd Hill.

    Julie Gagnon Enseignante au Conseil scolaire francophone de la CB
  • I used ChatterHigh last year with my Planning 10 class to help fund-raise for a Staff Member at our school. I also used the site to help my Planning 10 class with post-secondary info and career-info (great resource.) Thank you and keep up the great website.

    Remo Bussoli, Planning 10 Teacher Claremont Secondary School
  • ChatterHigh is a quick, fun start-up activity each day for my Planning 10 class. What they learn in the quiz can lead to questions we discuss in class or segue into the lesson, for example our current career research project.

    Gerri Willms, Planning 10 Teacher (Ret'd) Pitt Meadows Secondary
  • The reporting feature of ChatterHigh provides me valuable insight as to which U.S. colleges my students are connecting with and allows me to monitor the amount of college research a student is doing - or not doing.

    Chris White, College Advisor High Tech High
  • ChatterHigh allows students to see what post-secondary opportunities are available to them in their immediate community. The key is that it is in their language and appealing to their digital media senses.

    Scott Alexander, Planning 10 Teacher Oak Bay Secondary School
  • The primary source that prospective students use in selecting a university program is the institution's website. ChatterHigh can contribute to more informed applicants by directing them to specific program information on your institution's website.

    Michele Jacobsen, PhD Associate Dean, Graduate Programs in Education, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary
  • The real beauty is that it pushes traffic deeper into our website and gives us the opportunity to educate the students about our programs and services

    Jonathan Ruhl, Marketing and Communications Camosun College
  • It's a great site with a wealth of information. Too bad there was nothing remotely close to this kind of resource available when I was in school.

    Joan L, 'friend-of' Oak Bay Secondary School
  • Chatterhigh is a great way for students to begin the process of navigating post-secondary websites and win prizes!

    Angela Campbell, Recruitment and Advising Coordinator Red Deer College
  • I know a number of the students enjoyed participating and many learned something out about a post-secondary school that they didn’t previously know.

    Kenny Jamieson, Pl 10 Coordinator Riverside Secondary School
  • I have taken a number of quizzes and found that they are very appropriate for Planning 10. They provide information about post-secondary programs.

    Jane Hayhoe, Planning 10 Teacher Yale Secondary School
  • I would like to say that the Chatter High program gave the students an opportunity to develop their understanding about health and post-secondary institutions within our country, especially within our region. Students committed themselves to doing the quizzes everyday and were excited to involve their families and friends outside of class. The style of the quizzes enabled the students do search and learn about relevant issues pertaining to their lives. Thank you for this opportunity.

    Crystal Stang, CALM Teacher West Central High School
  • Although there is a wealth of labour market information available, it’s helpfulness is too often lost because it is too overwhelming to sort through. ChatterHigh is doing a great service by making labour market information not only interesting and relevant but, even more importantly, accessible to 21st century students. It effectively engages not just students but also schools, institutions, and organizations, by combining elements of social media, questioning, gamification, competition, and community service. It is an incredible feat done with simplicity and elegance.

    Gray Poehnell Winner of the 2012 Stu Conger Award for Leadership in Career Counselling and Career Development
  • The Chatterhigh website is user friendly & easy to use. I enjoy taking the quizzes & learning more about the facilities & courses. I wish that there was a website like this when I was in high school. Chatterhigh is a great website with a wealth of information. Good Job!

    Lori Falk, Parent Camrose Composite High
  • I found this program to be quick and easy. I enjoyed the variety of questions and the rapid response time to find the answers. The students enjoyed the competitive aspect to it, which made the learning fun. Try it!

    Lil Bartel, Career Advisor George McDougall High School
  • Wow! My planning 10 students did very well with the competition and the daily logging in to complete the questions, with many connecting on the weekends. As a teacher, I randomly participated with my students at times. The ease of access, variety of topics, earning of “monies” and badges kept my grade 10s involved everyday. I will be using this again next year and expanding it to other classes that I teach. With exposure to so many different career and post secondary resources it can only be seen as an asset for students.

    Mrs. Vicki Willis, Secondary Educator Fraser Valley Distance Education School
  • ChatterHigh is a fun and creative way for us to engage BC high school students. The competition we ran this fall was a huge success, and it is great to see the money going to local schools.

    Daniel Goertz, Student Recruitment Coordinator University of the Fraser Valley
  • Over 80% of our site visits have come directly from ChatterHigh. We especially like how we can tailor questions to direct students, educators or parents to different areas of the website. ChatterHigh is a fantastic tool for anyone trying to get an educational message to high school students.

    Alix Cameron, Principal at Red Cab Communications DiscoverTradesBC.ca
  • I had some success with students working with your program and will use it in future classes. Students also found the program worthwhile.

    Kelly Van Vugt, CALM Teacher Juno Beach Academy, CBE
  • Collectively we felt that our Chatter High experience was of great benefit to us. Of particular note, we enjoyed the organization of the site, and the built-in links to current information proved to expose us to the variety of post secondary and career options that we would have never considered before. It was a lot of fun earning points to select and donate to causes that we felt were most important to us as individuals - it kept us interested and looking forward to completing the quizzes each day. Thanks for a great experience and look forward to competing again next year!

    Student Feedback from Mr. Lynn's Planning 10 class North Peace Secondary
  • They are actually learning about different options for careers. I have had at least 20 students request to check their course selections to ensure they are going to have the prerequisites for something they have learned about.

    Diane Chimich, Vice Principal St. Andrew’s Regional High School
  • Chatterhigh c'est une belle façon fun et intéressante de faire connaître les possibilités après l'école secondaire aux élèves! Le fait que les élèves amassent des badges et des points les encourage davantage à participer :) Bravo à toutes les écoles qui y participent!!

    Suzanne Rivard, Planification 10 École Secondaire Carihi, SD 93 (BC)
  • The website is a valuable addition to a career planning program for junior and senior high school students. Using Chatterhigh prepares them in a less formal way to understand post-secondary programs so future career decisions may successfully be made. It also allows them to realize that there are several institutions and organizations ready to answer any questions they may have about what opportunities are accessible to them. Having competitions and prizes available for teens definitely encourages them to participate in the program. As a matter of fact, one of our Grade 10 students won a $1000 tuition award from Red Deer College through her involvement with Chatterhigh.

    Norma Thompson, Career Education Coordinator David Thompson High School
  • I feel the kids were given an opportunity to learn something about many programs in post secondary and health whether they intended to or not. And that was the number one goal. The money was a huge bonus and is being well used by all parties involved. I loved how the kids were so generous and took on the philanthropy end of it without any pushing on my part to do so.

    Chris Cathcart, Planning 10 Teacher Riverside Secondary School
  • ChatterHigh allows students to prepare for an event like CAREERexpo without even knowing it. They will already have an idea of the post-secondary and career opportunities that will be there, and will be more focused on the day of the event taking full advantage of the opportunities. The format allows us to communicate with them in their language and their preferred format.

    Holly Bilton, Team Lead, Central AB CAREERs: The Next Generation
  • What an amazing feeling to be part of ChatterHigh - Lee Taal and I just gave away a full tuition scholarship for Q College to a gr. 10 student at Claremont Secondary School worth $13,000! What a way to kickstart a young person's career with the gift of design and coding skills...all for answering questions and learning about post-secondary options.

    Jordan Keats, Instructor Q College & Royal Roads University
  • ChatterHigh gives students a great opportunity to explore their post-secondary careers early while still in high school. For universities and colleges this not only raises awareness about the programs we offer but also results in more highly engaged students who know how to better navigate their post-secondary education upon their arrival. This has the potential to increase student retention and student success.

    Jody Gordon, Vice President, Students University of the Fraser Valley
  • I have noticed my students are remembering what they have read on the various ChatterHigh websites, and have been helping each other out. If one student can't find an answer, someone else in the class usually remembers it and can help the others find the information they need. We have been doing it as a class opener, and I think it has helped get the kids to settle in and be ready for class, while doing something fun but still relevant to the class.

    Ms Rhya Hayes, Science Teacher Prespatou Elem-Secondary School
  • I was impressed with the work you've done to make ChatterHigh an attractive resource for students, both in engagement and information.

    Dave Stephen, Manager, Communication Abbotsford School District #34
  • Chatterhigh has provided the unique opportunity for our students to investigate both traditional and non-traditional schooling options as they look forward to life after high school. It has become an integral part of my Planning 10 program.

    Suzannah Goldsack, Planning 10 Teacher St. Andrew's Regional High School
  • Chatter High is a tool that gives students the chance to explore post-secondary options easily. It is presented in a friendly manner and will open their eyes to possibilities. In the meantime the high schools make money and the post-secondary institutions get exposure. This is a win-win-win situation.

    Carmen A. Toth, Marketing & Communications Manager Lethbridge College
  • I have learned a lot about different colleges that I would have not found on my own because of my limited knowledge of schools. ChatterHigh is a great tool when you are beginning to research careers and want to find the best academic fit in a college.

    Ivy T, Class of 2017 ChatterHigh Prefect, High Tech High
  • Trinity Western has been using ChatterHigh to help build awareness and reach in areas that might not be as exposed to our school as others. We have seen significant activity with our initial campaign questions, and hope to continue leveraging this. Lee has been a pleasure to work with and is always quick to help and offer suggestions.

    Kim Chen, Online Marketing & Communications Manager | Enrolment Management Trinity Western University
  • It is a spectacular resource for all students who have loads of questions during the important transition of high school and are trying to figure out what is best for them. I was proud to introduce this site to my students.

    Parminder Ghag, Planning 10 Teacher Dasmesh Punjabi School
  • I think this is a wonderful way to get our students, especially our grads, thinking about their future in post-secondary.

    Jessica Robertson, English, French and AVID Teacher Spectrum Community School
  • Lee: I just wanted to let you know how all of my students enjoy ChatterHigh. I teach some special education students who regularly use Chatter High. They love getting all of the points for each question and they are learning about what may be available for them after high school. The most important thing about ChatterHigh is it is the equalizer in my class. All my students can participate and my special education students feel like all the other students. This is a unique opportunity for each of them and this alone makes doing ChatterHigh important to my classes.

    Suzannah Goldsack, Planning 10 Teacher St. Andrew's Regional High School
  • We use Chatterhigh in grade 9 to plant the seed of career planning and research. Chatterhigh gives students exposure to diverse occupations and post-secondary programs. The research component (which all students are encourage to select for more points) exposes students to information they would not have discovered on their own. Chatterhigh serves as a great means for guided discovery. The questions dealing with life management such as finance, taxes and health provide a balance of topics, which equips students with knowledge and skills for the future.

    Louan Statchuk & Sherry Leppa, Guidance Counsellor & CALM/Excite Teacher Olds Jr/Sr High
  • Your presentation definitely exceeded my expectations! Great story telling and overview of the career process!!! I am hopeful that the daily quiz will become part of my routine. AND will incorporate into our CALM classes....so easy to score ...keep up the fantastic work!!!

    Ms. Bev Robinson, CALM teacher Central Memorial High School, AB
  • Choosing a post-secondary can be a daunting task for students. How do they make the choice when they don’t even know the questions to ask? ChatterHigh helps them get the answers they need to help them make the right decisions

    Michael Sondermann, Associate Director/Registrar SAIT Polytechnic

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Justin C, Burnaby Mountain Secondary, donated 1800 points to Free The Children!

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Courtenay K, Fraser Valley Distance Education School, donated 14750 points to Free The Children!

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Roy T, Burnaby Online Program earned Level 2 Researcher award!

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