Sports teams at University of Lethbridge

Hat Emily L
Dr Charles Best Secondary
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03:06PM 11/7/15
What sports teams does University of Lethbridge offer?
4col University of Lethbridge
02:54PM 11/13/15
Hi Emily, For varsity level sports teams, we have 6 teams that play in the CIS league. We offer programs for men's and women's soccer, track and field, basketball, swimming, hockey and Women's rugby. We offer information on our website about Pronghorn athletics at In addition to the varsity teams, there are lots of opportunities to get involved with sports on campus. Students have full access to our state of the art fitness facilities. We have a fitness center, a high performance training centre indoor and outdoor track, Olympic sized swimming pool, and 5 and a half story climbing wall. Within these facilities students have lots of opportunities to stay active including participation in various intramural leagues, which offer a variety of sports with different levels of competition. Some of the sports include indoor soccer, water polo, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey, ice hockey and even dodgeball! I hope that this answer your question! -Karen
Hat Bryn T
Riverside Secondary
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02:38PM 3/29/17
Is there any curling or baseball athletics programs offered
4col University of Lethbridge
01:53PM 4/3/17
Hi Bryn, We do have a mixed curling club on campus as well as a partnership with Prairie Baseball Academy for collegiate level baseball. Here are some links for more information -Mike
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