French Immersion

Hat Laura S
Port Perry HS
4 23300
06:21AM 3/11/17
Hi, Do students who have completed grade 12 French Immersion struggle with French Immersion courses at University of Ottawa? My reading writing, and speaking are intermediate, definitely not fluent. I love French, but I don't want to be lost in a class. Thank you, Laura
Uottawa University of Ottawa
07:48AM 3/20/17
Hello Laura, Thank you for reaching out to the University of Ottawa. I am a student from the GTA who was in the French Immersion program from grade 1-12 before making the decision to continue in the FI program into university. Similarly, I was not strong with my French reading, oral or written communication, but chose to come to uOttawa because of the incredible support systems that are in place for FI students here. As a French Immersion student at uOttawa, you must take a minimum of 2 out of 5 of your courses in French each semester to be eligible for the French Studies Bursary ($1,000 each year). In addition, there are select first year French courses that have an accompanying French as a Second Language (FLS) course that can be taken simultaneously. To put these FLS courses into context, a FLS professor will sit in your French course (ex. first year psychology) with you and listen to the content being taught. Then once a week you will meet with this professor in a separate classroom with other French Immersion students to go over the material taught in that psychology French class (advanced French terms used, concepts or difficult content). Taking an accompanying course is a great way for you to meet other French Immersion students who are in your program. These FLS courses are reserved exclusively for French Immersion students and count as one of your French courses for your semester. A list of French courses that offer these accompanying courses can be found online here: Our Academic Writing Help Centre is a great resource for any written assignments that you are doing. It’s a free service offered in English and French, that’s able to help if you had questions about grammar or citation styles, for example. Especially if you are preparing to write an assignment in your second language, it can be really helpful to have professionals there to assist you. FI students also get the opportunity within the first two years of the program to choose qualitative grades. This means that you can choose to have your courses be marked as either Pass or Fail, instead of a letter grade, meaning those courses won’t affect your average. This gives some leeway as you get used to the FI program. More information on this can be found here: If you feel you want to work on your spoken French, free conversation groups are held for every level. You can sign up for just an hour of speaking with fellow language learners. There is also our Julien Couture Resource Centre which has textbooks and movies, for example, that students can consult. There are also opportunities to practice your French outside of the classroom. For example, the French Immersion Club organizes hiking trips in Quebec, and visits to French movies. This way you can interact with fellow French Immersion students in a non-academic setting.
Hat Manpreet P
Nelson Mandela High School
6 10900
01:07PM 3/23/17
Thank you for the through information
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