Question for Ottawa University

Hat Jonas D
Southridge School
311 71525
04:56PM 10/7/17
How can I apply to the engineering courses?
Hat Université d'Ottawa
12:37PM 10/16/17
You can submit an application to an Engineering program on OAUC ( You must fill out the form OUAC 105D. The application fees includes the application to three different program in any Ontario university. Your admission average, which is also used to determine your eligibility for admission scholarships, is calculated based on your four best interim or final Grade 12 courses, including the prerequisites for your chosen program. For most programs in the Faculty of Engineering, the prerequisites are English 12, Calculus 12. Chemistry 12 and Physics 12. Most programs requires an admission average in the mid-80s. A minimum combined average of 70% is also required for all prerequisite courses in science and mathematics.
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