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Hat Grace A
Kennebecasis Valley High School
15 71000
11:19AM 12/3/17
At the University of Ottawa, can you take double majors? Can you do a major with two minors? What are the limits? Is this something you find students doing often? Is it recommended? What would your degree be if you did one of the options listed above? If you were to just take one major, what other courses would you take over those four years?
Hat Université d'Ottawa
12:29PM 12/4/17
Most of our programs offer you the flexibility to combine multiple disciplines you're interested in or to explore new ones without adding to your time at university. You can do an honours with a minor, a double major, a major with a minor and a double honours. The big difference between the option is the amount of credits that will be completed in the program. As an example, a program usually has 120 credits. If you take an honours, 60 credits will be in the subject, 42 credits will be in the subject for a major and 30 for a minor. You can consult this link to view and compare your options. It is not possible to do a major with two minors or to do a major alone.
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