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Hat Faith W
Petitcodiac Regional School
8 9050
07:26AM 9/23/16
What's your acceptance rate? I intend to take a course in dentistry, and I intend to be a specialist in extraction. Do you offer courses in that? -Faith W.
U of r crest logo not official University of Regina
07:58AM 9/27/16
Hi Faith, Great question! We only offer the pre-dentistry programming you might be interested in. As I'm sure you are aware, there are qualifying years of undergraduate study required before you can apply to a Dentistry program. Pre-dentistry is not a degree by any means but students can select pre-dentistry at the time of application when entering, for example, the Faculty of Science at the U of R. This means your Academic Advisor would be able to note your interest in a professional program and offer you extra guidance and support to help you reach those goals. You would be working toward a degree of your choosing while here (ie. Biochemistry). However, at the same time you would likely be taking advantage of some of the extra supports our institution and Federated Colleges have in place to give our students a strong chance at acceptance into the professional programs they desire. These include course bundles, application workshops, study groups, etc.
Hat Evan T
Elkford Elementary Secondary
1 550
12:23PM 1/11/17
were is this located
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