Hat Kris O
GidGalang Kuuyas Naay Secondary
8 25200
10:40AM 3/27/17
What are some of the common problems first year student have when living at residence?
Nipissing university Nipissing University
07:53AM 3/30/17
Hi Kris A few common problems many first year students experience include: - Homesickness- we bring therapy dogs into residence to help students cope and plan many social activities to meet and make new friends. - Roommate issues - Nipissing residence has a roommate agreement that roommates work on together and sign. This helps establish expectations from the onset as a group. - Finding new friend groups - Residence Orientation provides programming to become involved in campus living and meet new people. There are sessions organized on time management, cooking, laundry and establishing healthy routines to succeed academically and personally. There are Residence Dons and Academic Dons to help you transition from high school to university with your workload etc. Here is a link to our residence site, please feel free to contact Residence Staff if you have any further questions: All the best Gemma
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