Summer School Courses

Qe8geho Layan R
Applewood Heights SS
2 15900
05:40PM 12/5/16
Quick question: I'm planning on taking Grade 11 English during summer school and I'm just wondering if Dalhousie U deduct points/percentages from a student's application if they have taken courses during summer school rather than during regular day school? I've heard that some universities (like the University of Waterloo) tend to frown upon summer school courses because they're "easier" in a way. Thanks in advance!
Dalhousie logo Dalhousie University
07:42AM 12/6/16
We accept courses that are completed over the summer or as part of an upgrading program as long as they're for credit and at the academic or advanced level. We would request your final grade and transcript for that course along with the courses you've taken at your high school!
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