Question about: Caribbean Medical University offers 50% rebate on tuition.

Hat Harpreet K
Louise Arbour SS
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08:57PM 12/25/15
Would you need to get a scholarship when applying to Caribbean Medical University or while you are attending?
220px caribbeanmedicaluniversityseal Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine
03:01PM 1/19/16
Hello Harpreet, Thank you for asking. In order to receive a scholarship you must be attending Caribbean Medical University. Here is a link to our page on our website that discusses scholarships in more detail.
Glass plasma globe Andy W
Dr Charles Best Secondary
293 42590
10:15PM 11/7/16
Do you really offer 50%???
Maple Jennifer R
Albert College
394 725465
05:44PM 4/9/17
Does the Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine still offer questions on ChatterHigh?
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