Question about: Dalhousie’s Faculty of Agriculture

Hat Isabella B
Dunbarton HS
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07:10AM 6/1/16
What other courses that involve overseas traveling are offered at Dalhousie?
04 dal agriculture blk Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture
10:48AM 6/3/16
Dalhousie's Faculty of Agriculture has sent our first cohort of Animal Science and Pre-Veterinary studies students on a journey to South Africa. This trip is part of the new African Ecology course offered at Dalhousie as part of our Bioveterinary Science program starting in the Fall of 2016. If you would like more information regarding this course check out the blog and follow the students on Twitter! @aggiesinafrica Dalhousie also offers a variety of study abroad and international internship options for students. Visit the International Centre's website for more options to learn how to explore the world while studying with Dalhousie! Halifax: Truro/Dal AC:
Hat Emma M
New Westminster Secondary
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09:02AM 10/20/16
That's so cool!!
Hat Kris W
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02:04PM 9/7/17
any carpentry
Img 0295 Kasper S
Sangudo Community School
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02:01PM 9/13/17
Does your college teach DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) or as a doctorate
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