4-H and enrollment

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08:55AM 11/24/16
Are there advantages to being in 4-H when enrolling?
04 dal agriculture blk Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture
09:53AM 3/16/17
Dalhousie's Faculty of Agriculture has a strong 4-H community on campus. While there are no advantages when it comes to admissions there are a number of scholarships available to 4-H members, as well as 4-H related extracurricular activities such as the Judging Team and Woodsmen. Skills and life lessons you have learned throughout your time in 4-H can be applied to many aspects of university life, from public speaking and academic presentations to becoming a leader on campus.
Hat Manpreet P
Nelson Mandela High School
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09:33PM 3/19/17
How far is the range of students that visit this school yearly, what would its job ratio be for after graduation?
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