Question about: Redeemer is the only Christian university in Canada with a French program.

Hat Jason B
Vernon Secondary
1 1050
02:23PM 2/24/17
where is the only french Christian University.
Hat Admin
03:59PM 2/24/17
Hi Jason! It is in Hamilton Ontario :) -adminMathilde
Hat Manpreet P
Nelson Mandela High School
15 54575
01:06PM 3/23/17
How are the dorms quality at the before-mentioned school
Redeemer logo Redeemer University College
09:24AM 5/18/17
Hi Manpreet! Our dorms are built like townhouses and house typically 6-8 students. There is a full kitchen, common living room, two full bathrooms, and shared bedrooms (2 people/room). They're definitely home-like! You can read up more on our dorms here: — there's even a virutal tour available there so you can take a look inside one of the dorms yourself!
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