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Hat Jonas D
Southridge School
311 71525
03:27PM 10/5/17
From your experiences how good is redeemer university college as a school for post secondary learning?
Redeemer logo Redeemer University College
05:48AM 10/10/17
Hi Jonas! Redeemer is a fully accredited university that offers Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Education degrees in 37 different areas of study. All our classes are academically rigorous, taught by faculty who are passionate about mentoring their students and helping them succeed — this includes having undergraduate students research alongside them occasionally! We also value experiential learning opportunities for *all* our students which, depending on what you're interested in studying, could include research opportunities, internships, co-ops, off-campus studies, etc. All of these opportunities bring the classroom into the workplace and the workplace right back into the classroom giving you quality, job-related experiences before you graduate. Our alumni are some of our best examples of where your degree can take you! Take Heidi for example ( she studied English at Redeemer and later went on to pursue a law degree, and is now working as a City Solicitor. An interdisciplinary degree means that you have applicable job skills from all different areas of study. Our Core Curriculum ensures that! ( If you have any further questions about Redeemer, I'd be happy to discuss this with you further! You can email us anytime at I hope to hear from you soon! ~Emily, Admissions Department
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