Question about: How many degree programs does Douglas College offer?

Hat Sarah B
Applewood Heights SS
1 28250
07:06AM 11/1/16
there are ten programs but that not an option???????
Hat Admin
10:21PM 11/17/16
Hi Sarah - thanks for pointing that out. We've updated the response since you posted this. Cheers, Admin-Lee
Maple Jennifer R
Albert College
53 121715
12:25PM 1/30/17
I am continually impressed with the variety of specialized courses at Douglas College. Recommending Douglas College programs to students has increased substantially since using Chatter High!
Douglas stacked k 64x64px Douglas College
12:30PM 2/1/17
Thank you so much for recommending us Jennifer! We offer information sessions every month in case you and/or your students are interested in learning more about our programs and services. More information here:
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