Do what you love, be good at it

Hat Aaron C
Dr Charles Best Secondary
4 27750
08:43AM 5/5/17
I love sushi but I don't know how to make it...
Douglas stacked k 64x64px Douglas College
12:03PM 5/5/17
Hello Aaron, we strongly recommend you to not only learn how to make sushi but become the best sushi chef possible. Unfortunately, we do not have culinary programs but we have more than 100 programs that might help you if you have another passion.
Hat Manpreet P
Nelson Mandela High School
15 54575
12:00PM 5/15/17
You can learn through programs or youtube videos really. Its a good challenging but simply skill for people who are looking for a hobby. Good luck learning
Hat Ema C
Lakes District Secondary
1 400
12:46PM 8/20/17
do you offer courses in physiotherapy? If so what prerequisites do you require to get into this course?
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