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Glass plasma globe Andy W
Dr Charles Best Secondary
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10:20PM 11/7/16
Does this college focus entirely on forests and wildlife?
Hat Maritime College of Forest Technology
01:38PM 11/8/16
Hello Andy, Forests and Wildlife are our specialty, so much of what we teach revolves around those two things. We teach how to identify trees, plants, mammals, birds, insects, fish, aquatic invertebrates, and much more. We teach a lot about traditional forestry like harvesting methods, silviculture, regeneration, and management. But not everything we teach is directly related to Forests or Wildlife. For example, in Forest Fire Management I & II we focus on the different parts of the fire pump, how to organize a hose line when fighting a wildfire, and how to predict wildfire behaviour based on fuel type, wind speed, fuel moisture, etc... Wildfires obviously occur in forests, but we aren't necessarily teaching you about forests in the Fire Management course. In courses like Outdoor Survival, Land Measurements, and Forest Measurements you are learning to use different tools/technologies and acquiring different skills you will use in forested environments, but again we aren't necessarily teaching you about the forest in those courses. Our focus is mostly on forests and wildlife, but you will learn about a lot of other things here too! I hope this helps Andy. - Adrian
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