Hat Carter S
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06:26PM 10/26/17
What makes your school special? Were is your school located?
Qenglogo Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science - Queen's
08:10AM 11/9/17
Hi Carter! Thanks for the question. Queen's University is located in Kingston Ontario Canada, just about halfway between Toronto and Ottawa. As for what makes Queen's Engineering special, there are a couple things which come to mind. Queen's has one of the best student support systems across all Canadian Universities and student success is truly our highest priority. Queen's Engineering has a 91% degree completion rate and 94% of our graduates are employed after two years. We offer 15 design teams ranging from our Space Engineering Team (QSET) to our Autonomous Sailboat Team (QMAST), there is something for everyone. I hope I have answered your question and please feel free to ask anything else that comes to mind.
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