I want to become a aviator but I am currently 13 years old, am I able to join?

Hat Yvonne T
1 34300
08:17PM 3/20/17
I wanted to travel and see new places since I went on my first plane.
Hat Manpreet P
Nelson Mandela High School
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05:35PM 3/26/17
I know there is High school Aviator course you can take. They have it at my school. The best coarse of action would be to ask your resident administrator for a possible school program. If there isn't, you can always search for any in your present area with your parents/guardian permission afcoarce. Good luck.
30 pepe trump.w710.h473.2x Admin S
St. Andrew's Regional High
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02:13PM 9/21/17
At 14 you can.
Hat Tristan M
Virden Collegiate
1 14850
12:37PM 11/17/17
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