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Reach High School Students in a New, Fun Way

ChatterHigh’s gamified platform makes it fun for high school students to explore post-secondary education, careers, labour market information, health and financial literacy resource sites.

Teachers deploy the CH platform in classrooms and students learn by researching & answering quiz questions written by organizations appropriate for providing information to schools. (e.g. Colleges)

Students explore new career and college options, paying attention and absorbing what they see.

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Quiz question get students engaged

Organizations partner with us to provide informative quiz questions to educate students about programs, information and resources.

Our quizzes engage students and significantly raise awareness and knowledge for students, parents and teachers about your programs, driving traffic deep in your website

Bolster your presence and brand affinity with display banners

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Market Your Program

This is a new and more effective way to reach students than traditional marketing channels. Schools raise funds for themselves and for charity as they explore!

CH costs less than conventional cost per click and impression-based advertising, and is highly measurable.

Independent studies show CH is a best practice for engaging high school students…“even better than Facebook and Google!”

Find out how CH can promote your programs to high school students.

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Join 5,331 classes of the world’s most informed students who have answered 10,310,780 higher education and career questions.


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