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Create Your Classroom

Create a ‘Class’ for any group of students that belong to you! (E.g. class, advisory, leadership group)

Once students create a personal account, they will be able to join your class or you can add them to your class list. Students can join multiple classes within their school.

Classes are used to track student progress towards unlocking their personalized recommendation report. You can easily make our activity part of your curriculum and add us to your grade book.

Create a ‘Challenge’ to other classes in your school or at other schools, just for fun!

Track Student Progress

The quiz marks itself! See your students' results live or check their progress over time.

Class reports show the number of questions attempted, number of visits to institution and resource web pages, the number they have correct. We will calculate their grade automatically for any time period you choose. As a bonus, you can see how many points each student has donated to charity, and what it was worth.

Your class Interest Reports show you the level of interest your students have by occupational category.

Engage Students With Class Challenges

Raise funds for your school by taking part in national & regional competitions and championships run throughout the school year. The more you explore, the more you earn!

At any time you can create your own class vs. class challenges. It’s simple, just click the challenge button to send a message to another teacher in your school or in another school and challenge them to a 10 or 20 day competition. You can even create challenges between your own classes.

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