Proven Content Engagement Format

Students access our content engagement platform in the classroom and at home via the Daily Quiz or the Mindful Modules.

Daily Quiz

Daily career and programs of study exploration.

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Mindful Modules

Customized, subject specific learning modules.

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Read the impact analysis report to learn how ChatterHigh can improve awareness and increase levels of hope in youth.

How It Works

Our unique 'seek, find, and reflect' approach guides learners to explore reputable resources, creating an active learning environment. Gamification makes it fun to progress through the content. Reports and dashboards make it easy for teachers to assess progress.

Learners receive informative questions.

Explore reputable resources for answers.

Earn points to win prizes or donate to charity.

Learner progress is easily assessed.

Measure and Assess

Assessment is simple. ChatterHigh’s Daily Quiz and Mindful Modules are designed to support learning objectives for K-12 schools. You can download a report or monitor progress from your dashboard at a class, school, or district level to ensure you focus extra attention where it is needed most.

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Platform Features

Personalized reports

Marking their interests along the way, students collate insights and expand their self-awareness through a personalized report that provides them with additional Labour Market Information (LMI) and pathway information.


Students can compete as individuals or on behalf of their school in national, regional, or sponsored events to win exciting prizes!


Points earned through the activity can be donated to charity increasing student engagement while helping society.


Learners can chat with each other, or interact with advisors at partner organizations, in a 100% moderated and safe forum.

How Can ChatterHigh Help Your Students and School?

Read the impact analysis report*: Engaging Teens in Career Development through Technology

Of teachers said ChatterHigh increases knowledge and awareness of options.

Of students said ChatterHigh made them feel more hopeful, motivated and engaged in regards to their future.

More likely to know the next steps for the path they want to follow.

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* Report available in English only

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